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Nobel Michael Trent Johnson was elected the 89th Illustrious Potentate of Medinah Temple #39. He is a native of St. Louis and proud graduate of Charles Summer High School, the oldest high school west of the Mississippi River founded for African-Americans. Johnson earned a B.A. in Speech Communication from the University of Missouri--St. Louis and post-graduate certification in Public Affairs from the Coro Midwestern Center. He is a member and Youth Coordinator of New Horizons Seventh Day Christian Church, under the Pastorship of Elder B.T. Rice.

Johnson, age 38, views his accomplishments as God's blessings because he lives with Sickle Cell Anemia, a disease affecting the red blood cells which reduces oxygen flow and causes chronic pain in the joints. Sickle Cell Disease affects approximately 1 in every 600 African-Americans. Sickle Cell Trait or the carrier gene causes few, if any problems. However, couples not knowledgeable of whether they have the trait or not can produce offspring with the disease if undetected. Noble Johnson is the past president of the St. Louis Chapter of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America--St. Louis Chapter. During his tenure as Potentate, he is challenging Medinah Temple #39 and Medinah Court #15 to actively enlist other Masonic bodies to join them in aiding programs for families with Sickle Cell via St. Louis Children's Hospital and the Sickle Cell Association.

Johnson is committed to helping young people realize their dreams and ignore negative stigmas. "Our children need to understand that power is simply the ability to enact change," said Johnson. "We as adults are our children's worst enemy because we cloud their dreams with negatives instead of encouraging them with positive affirmations and guidance." Currently, Johnson serves as Coordinator for Neighborhood Programs with Saint Louis University. This affords him the opportunity to conduct youth leadership programs, cultivate resources for families and children, and sensitize graduate students to the realities of serving low-income urban neighborhoods.

Noble Johnson is the son of Aaron and Myrtle Johnson and the brother of Ouida M. Johnson. He has one son, Malcolm.