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To: The Divan Officers, Appointed Officers, Deputy of the Desert, P.P. Joe B. Lewis, Deputy of the Oasis, P.P. George Staton, Present and Past Imperial Officers and Fellow Nobles.

From: Noble John W. White
2006 Illustrious Potentate
Medinah Temple #39


First, I thank God from whom all blessings flow.

Secondly, gratitude is extended to each of you that placed your vote of confidences in me by electing me as the new Illustrious Potentate of Medinah Temple #39.

This job will be a great challenge especially with the different personalities and talents of this Membership. However, I accept the diversity as a strength and extend the opportunity to each of you to re-dedicate your commitment to the craft. Do you remember the pledge of oath that was taken as you entered this journey of shrinehood? I challenge you to bring forth the same enthusiastic, cooperative and supportive efforts you once exemplified to revitalize Medinah Temple. If we put God first, everything else will fall in place. We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves are we true Masons and Shriners? Each one of us can answer that question in the affirmative if we are indeed true to the craft. Our forefathers left a legacy for us to continue. Let's not let them down. Let us continue to grow in our rich heritage of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

My goal of purpose for 2006 is to reduce the debt of Medinah Temple. This can be accomplished through your support. I asked that you support the plans of the 2006 Promotional Director on the trestle board. I also asked that the Divan members work close together with one another as a TEAM (TOGETHER EACH ACCOMPLISHES MUCH).

I am requesting that each unit within Medinah Temple re-dedicate and commit 100%. We are as strong as the weakest link. Through your commitments of support, our goal can be attained successfully. It is my desire that each unit leader strive to attend as many divan meetings as possible. As the leader of your perspective units, you are charged with providing correct, positive and effective communications to your members. This can not be accomplished if you or your designated representative is not present.

Together we can do all things, but divided we will fail. So let's look forward to the future of our Temple in making it a better place.

My theme for 2006: Recruit, Reclaim, and Retain. It is simple. Recruit new members, Reclaim former members, and Retain present members.

We know that Nobles drop out of our Temple for various reason and dues are NOT the main reason. . . it may be because they didn't like what was going on in the Temple at the time they were a member. I say to you - things have changed! Come back and get involved again.


Again I would like to thank each and every one of you for electing me as our Illustrious Potentate for 2006. It is a honor that will always be cherished.

I will strive to uphold the integrity of this office which has been bestowed upon me by the craft and I will carry out the duties to the best of my ability.

As we approach this Holiday season, I extend to you and your family. . . Whishes of Peace, Unity, and Harmony for the upcoming 2006 year.

May Allah continue to bless and keep you as prosperity follow you throughout the year.

Fraternally submitted,

Noble John W. White
Illustrious Potentate